The Story Behind Oh My Mama Body

After giving birth to two children (rainbow babies) and unfortunately experiencing five miscarriages, I learnt that our amazing female body undergoes a huge range of changes during and following pregnancy.

Due to the feelings I was experiencing in my body, I clearly knew I was pregnant as early as 3 weeks, at least a week before any pregnancy test could prove it.

Some days during my pregnancies I thought I was going crazy with wondering what was happening to my body; for example, aches, pains, itches, numbness. And then came all of the post-pregnancy changes.

Pregnant with my first rainbow baby

The Journey to Motherhood is Filled With Questions and Uncertainty

  • Why is this happening?
  • No one told me about this.
  • What should I do?
  • Is it just me?
  • Everyone else seems to be fine, so why am I having such a hard time?
  • I feel completely alone

There seemed to be so many taboo topics due to feminine personal body parts. It was only when I spoke to close friends or looked on the internet that I realized I wasn’t alone.

How My First Birth Experience Lead Me to Create the Foundations

During my first birth, a vacuum-assisted delivery, the midwife performed an episiotomy without asking my permission. I screamed when it happened but I didn’t realize what she had done until I read it on the birth records two days later.

I was not advised how to let an episiotomy heal and I suffered a lot of pain and discomfort for months following the birth. Once I realised that I had hemorrhoids (due to the episiotomy and loose muscles) I started to research how to physically heal them because I was in such pain.

The discomfort I felt also impacted on the bonding time with my son. It caused a distance between us which I progressively rectified using energy healing techniques during the first years following his birth.

Following the birth of my first child, I went through some more new experiences. I felt very alone. I started writing down my experiences as I was determined to help other women so that they would not have to go through the same experiences as me.

Peculiar Pregnancy Symptoms Linked to Pregnancy Hormones

After the trauma of my first miscarriages, I started researching my experiences online and found the link to the strange bodily symptoms I was experiencing and pregnancy hormones. It only started to make sense when I started linking my experiences to pregnancy. For example I spent weeks worrying about my painful scalp and after much research I was relieved to find out the reason behind it being linked to pregnancy hormones. 

I wondered why we, as women, don’t learn about possible fertility problems from an early age. No one informs us about fertility challenges and miscarriage. During pregnancy, where is the information around bodily changes or procedures during birth? Why isn’t this part of the prenatal advice we receive? We learn a lot of useful information about what our babies will be doing and needing, but less about what’s happening to Mama. Which is why I decided to put together this website.

Whether you have a very short pregnancy or a full term, your body will immediately start to change.

Clear and Precise Information to Support Your Journey to Motherhood

In 2013 when my first son was born, there was a lot less information on the internet around pregnancy than there is now. With the growth of Social Media, thousands of women are stepping forward to help others. 

My intention with Oh My Mama Body is to provide clear and precise information based on my own experiences so that I can help others find confidence on their journey to motherhood. You will find supportive videos and information on my YouTube channel and within this website which help you to find your answers quickly instead of having to scroll for hours.

Healing Through Your Journey to Motherhood

Your journey to motherhood may be full of struggle, pain and disappointment, leaving you feeling lost and insecure. Suddenly you are thrown into the unexpected realm of experiencing trauma.

Since over 20 years I have studied and supported many with my healings. It was the same healing techniques which supported me through my own traumatic journey and I use these to support you in the best way possible on your own journey.

Discover healing techniques to support you in resolving trauma related to miscarriage, pregnancy or birth, restoring your self love, self worth and self confidence. 

I have created this website based on personal experiences with the aim to help others. I am not a doctor. The information is intended to provide help and support. Always consult your doctor if you are not sure.