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Male Infertility

According to research, one in every seven couples struggle with infertility, with male fertility being a significant factor.  Low sperm production, lifestyle choices, and other factors can all contribute to infertility. If not treated, it can lead to complications such as difficulty in conceiving.

If you and your partner are having difficulty getting pregnant, a good first step is taking a fertility test.  In fact, many fertility clinics will require the male to get a sperm test before any tests are begun for the female.

Legacy provides you the most rigorous, clinical sperm analysis available. Their sperm testing is conducted in CLIA-certified labs by a team of experienced scientists, and all results are reviewed by their medical staff.

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Sperm Testing At Home

Sperm Testing At Home

Sperm Analysis can be a sensitive and intimate subject for many men. It’s understandable that you might be hesitant to go to a fertility clinic to save yourself from the awkwardness of the whole experience.

Since sperm testing is less invasive than female fertility testing, you can do it from the comfort of your own home. Sperm testing at home has advantages that match your privacy, schedule, and budget.

In The Comfort Of Your Home

Sperm Check in The Comfort Of Your Home

There are now several fertility clinics that offer sperm fertility checks. However, the process itself becomes mechanical and awkward for most men. Going to a sterile room flooded with magazines while not being in the mood can put nerve-wracking pressure on you.

Your dream of having babies and having a family is a private matter. Hence, it is better to take an easier and more practical approach. With sperm testing at home, you can calmly process all your emotions and take the test without any hassle.

Saves Your Time

Online Sperm Test Saves Your Time

Going to a fertility clinic can take up a hefty amount of time. Especially if you have a busy schedule, it might be tough to fit it into your calendar. But, with home sperm testing, you can easily choose the time that works for you.

The results are also faster, and you can view your result at the convenience of your fingertip.

Saves Your Money

Online Sperm Test Saves Your Money

Undoubtedly, male fertility tests can cost you a fortune. Therefore, home sperm analysis products prevent you from spending a large sum of your hard-earned money on different clinical tests.

Legacy - The Most Practical Sperm Test Product

As the name suggests, Legacy strives for ensuring parenthood for aspiring parents. They have a group of international fertility and healthcare experts as their advisors.

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Along with providing sperm tests, they also give you fertility tips, one-to-one consultant calls, and insight into your health.

Male reproductive health has often been a part of negligence because of awkwardness, guilt, and shame. Hence, legacy wants you to be more comfortable with your reproductive wellness making it more convenient and private for you.

Benefits of Using Legacy Sperm Testing Kit

Male infertility had been a hush-hush topic for a long time. Fortunately, infertility in men is no longer seen as a stigma, so men can talk about it openly and Legacy is here to make the whole sperm testing process even more easier and convenient for you like never before.


Legacy Sperm Testing Kit for Privacy

Legacy Sperm Testing Kit allows you to do the test in the privacy of your home. They provide your results online securely.

Less Expensive

You can rely on the Legacy Sperm Testing Kit for relatively cheaper testing without creating a hole in your pocket.

Many fertility clinics can charge you thousands of dollars to store your sperm. But, with legacy, you can store your sperm at just one flat rate.

Quick Service

It takes two days for the Legacy Kit to arrive at your home and one day for them to pick up the test for the results. The results come in only just 24 hours after the pickup.

They also strive to have a high-quality product to ensure smooth, comfortable, and quick testing experience.

Overall, it takes only one week for the whole process. With legacy, not only is sperm testing made easier, but they also allow you to freeze your sperm for the future.

So, if you are having problems conceiving, I invite you to get your sperm tested online from the comfort of your home without going through the awkward, weird, and embarrassing traditional clinical process. You can use the CODE “OhMyMamaBody” on your Legacy Sperm Testing Kit purchase and get a 20% discount. 



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