Returning to Work After a Miscarriage

Returning to Work After Miscarriage

Do employers need think more about supporting employees who have miscarried?

Rainbow Baby Day was on 22nd August 2020


A rainbow baby is a term for a pregnancy and a child following a miscarriage. Do employers need to think more about women returning to work after a miscarriage? The time women are given to “recover” after a miscarriage can be anything from two days up to one week. 

Any woman who has been through the pain of miscarriage can confirm that the healing and grieving process following a miscarriage takes much longer. Having to carry on like normal whilst carrying a deep emptiness around inside.


Pregnancy After Loss

A further pregnancy after loss can be a very nerve wracking experience. On the one hand the mother is overjoyed to be pregnant. On the other hand, there is a constant running commentary going through the back of her mind with worries and anxieties.

Can you imagine how this affects women in business?

The women I work with talk about their worries about the pain of losing again. 

In the first trimester, every small twinge can turn the alarm bells on. In the second and third trimesters, only being able to focus on if the growing baby has moved enough. 

With constant worries and anxieties in the back of her mind, a business woman may be battling on the inside whilst having to continue with a brave face on the outside.

If she feels that her concentration levels are not optimal, she may start worrying about her performance at work and how it may affect her career.

Rainbow Baby Day

By raising awareness with dedicated days such as Rainbow Baby Day, we aim to make it more acceptable to talk openly and remove the stigma and taboo around miscarriage and stillbirth. 

Women wouldn’t have to struggle through so much and feel misunderstood if they felt empowered to talk openly about what they are going through. 

What Does Rainbow Baby Day Mean?

Rainbows signify hope and beauty. The rainbow after the storm. It signifies not only the sadness of losing a child during pregnancy due to miscarriage or stillbirth or infant loss. It is a symbol of the beauty and joy parents experience after going through so much pain and grief. 

Rainbow Baby Day is a day of honouring the children we lost and celebrating the children we have.

UK Statistics state that 1 in 4 (known) pregnancies end in miscarriage (estimates make this 250,000 a year) and 1 in 250 pregnancies end in still birth. 


Oh My Mama Body cares about each and every woman, nurturing them and guiding them to feel positive and empowered in their individual journeys to motherhood.


Follow this link to join the Healing After Miscarriage Group

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