How to Start Creating Oh My Mama Body With No Internet Skills?

With no internet skills, I had no idea where to start. I had a story to tell and I wanted to help other women. But how should I get my story told with no internet skills?

In 2016 I started writing my A to Z, based on my own personal experiences. Then I stopped again because my thoughts and fears were constantly blocking me;

  • Who would read this anyway?
  • I’m not good enough to write something like this

My story was inside of me and wanted to be written. Over time, I gradually conducted research and wrote more content. Only to be blocked by my thoughts once again.

It Took a Wake-Up Call to Make Me Take Action

My career took over for a while, but in 2019 I experienced a wake-up call. A couple of friends passed away. I found myself thinking, “If I were to die tomorrow, without having written my A to Z and made it available to others, to help other women, I would seriously be regretting it”.

I started writing again. I started listening to motivational videos on YouTube to spur me on. To believe in me. To give me the self-confidence I needed to finish my book and create a blog.

What was missing in my puzzle was how to learn the skills to create a website and build up a coaching system for women. Another online entrepreneur showed me the way, by introducing me to an online mentoring and training platform. It was through this platform that I found the self-confidence to start on YouTube and the skills to create my website. All this whilst working, studying and giving healing and of course looking after my dear family! So determined was I to support others on their journeys to motherhood.

What's Your Unwritten Story?

I truly believe that all people have value inside of them but it often never comes out. The journey I have been on has been exciting as well as challenging. I have invested time and money to bring this project to life.

If you’re still reading this, you’re probably thinking “what about me?”.

I understand the fears and concerns we all have about trying out something new. The inner-critic that holds us back is something everyone struggles with.

If you would seriously like to find out more about how you could bring your own story to life, I will gladly support you. Simply reach out via my contact form so we can get to know each other and I can give you your first guidance.

I was nervous in many ways. I still am. But I’m super proud that I took the decision to move forward.

Don’t leave your story unwritten. I look forward to meeting you.