Motherhood Changes Your Identity

Motherhood changes your life

Have You Lost Your Identity?

Becoming a mother completely changed your world. The difference of now being totally responsible for a tiny little human. Feeling unconditional love. Having days where you feel so worn out but you keep going. It is beautiful and it is hard. You don’t know where the time has gone and you lose yourself in being a mother.

Feeling Like A Part of the Real You is Missing?

All of the emotions of being a mother can change our identity. Life really changes to being about the children as you spend less time on yourself. You question your job and career, it doesn’t have the same meaning as it had before children. It makes you feel like there must be more to life, perhaps something bigger for yourself. But you don’t quite know where to begin.

How to Rediscover the Real You

Well there is a great way to begin and it was where I began too. 

I grew into who I am today by beginning my journey into understanding what it was that I wanted to do to support others. I found mentors to guide me and a whole world was opened up to me. Follow the link in my picture below to begin something for yourself.

Approach it with an open mind. 

Don't Wait Until Your Children Are Older

So many women find themselves suddenly feeling lost when their children grow into independent teenagers. They wake up one morning and realise that they have put their own life on hold whilst running around after their children. They question who they really are. It can feel quite depressing. I see it time and time again with friends who are wondering what to do with their new found time!

But why wait until your children are older? Find that person inside of yourself, get in touch with her again. Remember your creative streak and what you really love doing? Or perhaps something you always wanted to do or try but just haven’t known where to start.

I Found My Calling and You Can Find Yours Too

I knew I had a calling to support women to heal. Through my seven pregnancies I learnt so much about bodily symptoms and really wanted to support many others who might be worried and stressed. The days where I was obsessing about my painful scalp and getting paranoid about what it could possibly be. Spending hours researching online and not finding helpful answers. I just wanted to save other women the time and stress of worrying about their bodily symptoms.

I never thought that I would create a YouTube channel and a whole community! Thanks to mentorship I have been able to find confidence and use this to support so many!

Find Your Passion

My mentor has helped me to become who I am today. I know he can help you too. Plus you will discover a wonderful community of people, like me, who will support you on every step of your journey. Click on the image below to find out more about my mentor and start getting your creative ideas flowing. 

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Vicki Renz

I am so passionate about guiding women who are struggling to conceive or facing blockages in their womb, to profoundly transform into their most fertile self using my proven Womb Healing technique

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