Miscarriage and Christmas aren’t an easy mix

Miscarriage at Christmas

Why this time of year seems harder and tips for getting through

At a time of year when we should be in the party mood, remember that not everyone is. Perhaps you have just miscarried, or perhaps you miscarried some time ago. Whichever way, there are thousands of women feeling incomplete, like someone is missing from the party.

I am feeling so sad and don’t feel like celebrating

Is this you? Are you feeling alone and empty? Not looking forward to any kind of gathering because it just feels so painful and wrong to be celebrating in any way?
Putting on a fake smile and pretending only makes things feel worse on the inside. You are important so look after yourself.

Tips for getting through Christmas time after miscarriage

Take time to remember your baby. They are still a part of your life story. Some women have Christmas ornaments; angels, feathers or even ornaments with their baby’s name on. Light a candle for them. Write a card for them.

Take time for you

Take some quiet time for you. Not just once but every single day. Reserve yourself time. Journaling really helps. Write down your feelings, thoughts and emotions. Be with yourself. Follow a guided meditation to help still your mind and bring you to a calm and centred place. It helps to have a healthy channel where you can let your emotions flow.

Speak with other women who understand how you feel

Finding other women who have experienced the same as you and chatting with them really helps. Reach out, ask a question or simply have a chat with someone in the group (it doesn’t have to be a group post, it can also be private with someone you met in a group).

Guided Meditation

I recorded with the Tryingagain Podcast recently and there is a guided meditation for after miscarriage available for you online here: https://tryingagain.podbean.com/e/guided-meditation-for-miscarriage/

Healing After Miscarriage Group

A private and safe space with support and resourcesfor you to join on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/healingaftermiscarriagegroup

Take care of yourself this Christmas, you don’t need to feel alone. Always reach out.

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