Lovely Womb Healing Technique – Breathe Love Into Your Womb

Lovely Womb Healing Technique

There are various womb healing techniques out there and Lovely Womb Healing Technique is one of my favorites for bringing love into your womb.

Womb healing is a natural method of healing that can trigger an energetic shift in your womb space almost immediately. It releases the energetic blockages in your womb space while fully revitalizing your womb.

It is a beautiful healing and revitalizing practice to include in your daily schedule, especially the Lovely Womb Healing Technique.

Lovely Womb Healing Technique

lovely womb healing technique

1. Breathe IN and OUT through your mouth, counting IN for 4 seconds and OUT for 4 seconds, and keep repeating.

2. Place your hands on your womb, and continue breathing, counting to 4 on the IN and OUT breaths.

3. Think of a happy memory. Feel how happy you felt.

4. Play that moment out again in your mind, feel that happy moment, and bring this feeling into your womb.

5. Take a deep breath into your womb and hold it for 30 seconds or however long is comfortable for you.

6. Feel the love expanding in your womb as you hold your breath. Release your breath and return to gentle breathing.

The Lovely Womb Healing Technique is an excellent tool to use if you are suffering from menstrual cramps, ovarian cysts, or any other feminine reproductive issues.

Throughout your week, try to practice this Lovely Womb Healing Technique of breathing love, relaxing, and releasing the tension in your womb daily. This will continue to support your healing process for days to come.

The Next Step

lovely womb healing technique by Vicki Renz

Did you know that by simply breathing into our womb space we can create a great amount of relief and comfort for our well-being?

A lot of women are not aware that we can connect with our womb and help ourselves to heal and flow. We don’t realize that our womb holds on to heavy energies linked to past emotional trauma, memories, previous partners, childhood experiences…and much more.

We begin to store it on our wombs creating an energetic blockage and a whirlwind of pain.

Once we as women begin to relax and release those strongholds. Beautiful things begin to flow. We initiate our healing, and we start to awaken and embrace our dormant feminine powers.

The Women's Oh My Mama Body Womb Tribe

WOMMB Tribe - Oh My Mama Body - Vicki Renz

This is a wonderful daily womb healing exercise. Would you like more techniques like this? You can find so many beautiful techniques in my WOMMB Tribe for:

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  • Weekly Journaling with love and intention – this is more than your average journaling; I guide you to connect deeply with your womb on the theta healing energy wave whilst you journal, so that you speak with your core feminine and release blockages from within
  • As well as my guided New Moon Womb Healing where I channel the energies and you bathe in a wonderful, cleansing energy which releases every day stress from the previous moon cycle so that you can step forwards with fresh energy

And all this for just $39 per month.

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Vicki Renz

I am so passionate about guiding women who are struggling to conceive or facing blockages in their womb, to profoundly transform into their most fertile self using my proven Womb Healing technique

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