How To Tell If You’re Pregnant 3 Days Before Your Period

Tell if you're pregnant 3 days before your period

How to tell if you’re pregnant 3 days before your period? It’s still 3 days before your period is due and you’re wondering if you might be pregnant. You have been feeling a bit other than normal. You have been getting symptoms from your body. These natural signs are often confusing leaving you wondering if it’s PMS or pregnancy you are experiencing.

While pregnancy tests can be a reliable way to know if you’re pregnant, there are so many other signs you can look for before getting a pregnancy test. If you just look out for some of the heads up your body is giving. Pay a little attention to those symptoms and you’ll easily be able to tell if you are pregnant before your period is due and before a pregnancy test.

Many symptoms could show up 3 days before your period and could be possible signs of pregnancy. Some of these symptoms may go unnoticed but can indicate your pregnancy.

Position Of Your Cervix

One of the obvious signs is the position of your cervix a couple of days before your period is due.

When locating your cervix, it is best to do so while taking a bath or a shower. It is also essential to ensure that your hands are clean before you begin checking and locating your cervix.

If you find that your cervix is still located high and feels soft, then it’s a really good sign that you’re pregnant.

I know you might wonder what your cervix’s softness feels like. Well, when it comes to cervixes, the softness can be compared to that of your earlobes, yes, that kind of soft. Whereas a hard cervix would have the hardness of the tip of your nose.

If your cervix is high and feels soft like your earlobes, it’s a possible sign that you’re pregnant but if your cervix is lowered and feels a bit hard like the tip of your nose, then your period is approaching. There’s a subtle difference between the two and it may take some time to get used to.


Frequent Urination

Tell if you're pregnant 3 days before your period - frequent urination

Another sign to tell if you’re pregnant 3 days before your period is the frequency of your urination or how often you pee. If you find that you need to go pee more often than usual, then your body might hint that you are pregnant.

During pregnancy, your body goes through various changes, your blood volume expands and increases rapidly. This means your body needs to take in more water, and your blood will be very active to clean everything out, making you feel like you need to urinate more. 

So watch out for the frequency of your urination when your period is due in the next 3 days. If you are urinating a little more than usual and you’re almost due for your period, then it is a possible sign that you are pregnant.

Tender Breasts

tell if you're pregnant 3 days before period - tender breasts

During the early stages of pregnancy, your breasts may feel tender and slightly swollen.

If your period is approaching in a few days and your breasts are already feeling much more tender than usual and possibly in a different way than usual. Then this is a strong indication that you are pregnant.

The sensation of breasts during pregnancy slightly differs from that of PMS because they are much more tender and also feel swollen in a different way than usual.

Body Temperature

Tell if you're pregnant 3 days before your period - body temperature

Are you also feeling warmer than usual in addition to all of the other symptoms?

If your body temperature appears to be slightly higher than normal, you can be even more certain that it is a possible sign of pregnancy.

Your body temperature rises slightly and remains elevated during pregnancy. The rise is subtle, but that difference can make you feel much warmer than usual and is a great sign to tell if you’re pregnant 3 days before your period.


Tell if you're pregnant 3 days before your period - fatigue

Are you also feeling sluggish, fatigued, and more tired than you normally do? Well, fatigue can also be associated with the decrease of estrogen levels right before the period starts.

Although fatigue can be related to both PMS and pregnancy, if you are feeling fatigued along with the symptoms mentioned above, then it can be taken as a sign of pregnancy.

Along with the symptoms listed above, there are several other signs on how to tell if you’re pregnant 3 days before your period.

You may notice a fluttering sensation in your lower abdomen. Many women notice this feeling in the early stages of pregnancy; it can feel like butterflies around your lower abdomen or even like little bubbles bubbling away. As your body undergoes various changes during pregnancy. This sensation is sometimes combined with the sensation of adrenaline rushes. 

Another possible sign of pregnancy is implantation. When you are pregnant, your egg descends and implants itself. It’s a clear feeling, but it’s subtle. So not everyone feels it. It can be related to a sensation on one side of your womb. It might last two to three days.

Sometimes implantation is also accompanied by light spotting. It is not the typical bright red bleeding. But rather a light pink or rusty brown color. Spotting combined with the sensation of a pin prick or a dull feeling on one side is another possible sign of pregnancy.

So, I hope by now you know how to tell if you’re pregnant 3 days before your period.

All of these symptoms indicate a sign of pregnancy. But if you are not in tune with your body, then it might be a bit hard to notice some of these symptoms. It’s very easy to overlook these signs as they are very subtle and are often confused with the symptoms of period or PMS.

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