Three Worrying Pregnancy Symptoms Which Are a Sign of a Healthy Pregnancy

Some Pregnancy Symptoms Can Be Worrying

Do you find yourself worrying about particular pregnancy symptoms? There are so many changes which our bodies go through so it’s not surprising that we worry sometimes. 

Feel Confident During Pregnancy

You are creating a tiny human. Your pregnancy is something to be enjoyed whilst your precious baby is growing inside of you. 

3 Worrying Symptoms That Are Actually Healthy


Constipation During Pregnancy

Are you experiencing problems going to the toilet during pregnancy? Many women experience hard stool during pregnancy which gradually becomes more and more uncomfortable. Pregnant women feel like their insides are clogging up and their digestive system has slowed right down. 

Why is Constipation a Sign of Healthy Pregnancy?

I can hear you asking! Pregnancy hormones are the main reason behind constipation. Firstly, when you become pregnant, your blood volume rapidly increases. During pregnancy, your blood volume increases by up to 50%. This in turn means that your water intake needs to increase by up to 50%. 

Your body will naturally start to take water from other reserves. This means that your body will absorb more fluid into your bloodstream from your intestinal tract which in turn means drier excrement. 

Secondly, the pregnancy hormone Relaxin gradually relaxes the muscles and ligaments in your body in preparation for birth. Your intestinal tract gradually relaxes and the movements slow down. 

How to Ease Pregnancy Constipation?

Feeling constipated during pregnancy is no fun. I have several great tips for easing constipation. Visit my separate page where you will find five top recommendations for easing pregnancy constipation

Discharge - is it too much?

Pregnancy Discharge

You could be feeling that you are getting very wet below. The amount of pregnancy discharge you get could start to feel uncomfortable if you feel like it is soaking through your panties. 

Why is Pregnancy Discharge Healthy?

Discharge (otherwise known as cervical mucus) is healthy during pregnancy because it is your body’s natural cleaning mechanism to protect against bacteria. Expect a thin, milky-white discharge to flow quite lightly. Please do keep a good check on the type of discharge you are getting. If at any time it starts to soak a whole pad or it changes colour, seek medical attention. You can find more information about vaginal discharge during pregnancy here

How to Ease Vaginal Discharge During Pregnancy

It is not possible to reduce the flow of discharge but you can make things more comfortable for yourself. Always have a couple of spare sanitary pads in your handbag and invest in a few pairs of menstruation panties which are normal underwear designed to soak up any extra flow to avoid any embarrassment. Menstruation panties can be used again and again and are much more comfortable than pads. 

Feeling Nauseous All Day

All Day Sickness

Where did the term morning sickness come from when the majority of pregnant women experience nausea throughout the day? Don’t worry if you are feeling sick during the day, it is quite normal. Doctor’s can’t explain why women experience nausea, it is simply put down to pregnancy hormones. 

Why is Nausea During Pregnancy Healthy? 

Pregnancy sickness is a good sign that your pregnancy hormones are increasing which in turn means that your baby is growing. It is estimated that 70% of women experience morning sickness. Unfortunately around 3% of women experience severe sickness and need extra medical support. If you are feeling unusually ill and cannot eat at all, contact your doctor. Usually, morning sickness reduces and eases by the twelfth week of pregnancy. 

How to Ease Morning Sickness

Take not of what triggers your sickness. Feelings of nausea are often triggered by certain smells. Drink plenty of fluids and get fresh air. You can use quality essential oils to help ease your symptoms. Oh My Mama Body Midwife is an essential oil expert and is more than happy to advise you on which oils to use and how to apply them. Book a chat with her by following this link. 

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