Pathway to Wholeness

One-to-One Pathway to Healing Wholeness


The healing after miscarriage process is a journey of deep healing, inner-work and transformation to process your cycle of grief. 

It takes dedicated time and focus on yourself to go through the grieving and healing process to reach an effective transformation in yourself. 

Working together during six in-depth, one to one fully personalised sessions, we are able to focus on where the healing is needed the most. This focussed one-to-one attention enables you to release blockages and step forward with inner-strength, confidence and empowerment.

Are these sessions for me?

You are feeling ready to heal and release the sadness of your miscarriage. You are looking for the opportunity to heal and are tired of feeling like half the person you were before. 
You would like to work through your cycle of grief, release blockages and emotions and begin moving forwards. 
We will work intensively together during six in-depth healing sessions. I intuitively know which healing techniques will serve you best and where to optimally concentrate our time. Giving you the best healing experience; digging deep and releasing from within in order to allow you to step forwards with renewed strength and empowerment.  


Our sessions together are completely tailored and personalised to concentrate on an optimal healing for you:

o Initial deep healing to identify emotions and blockages, working together through meditation and energy healing techniques to release.

o We identify trigger situations and get to the core of your feelings so that they can be healed and released. 

o We work on any negative self-talk and belief structures which are eating at your self-confidence, to turn them around and create positivity and strength.

o Self-work is required in between sessions to further strengthen the effectiveness of your healing.

o I guide you in meditation to connect and communicate with your angel baby. Giving you a deeper understanding and sense of peace.

o I guide you through your cycle of grief, ensuring that each stage is processed to allow you to step forward.

o Each session is followed up with a written report for you to refer to, allowing you to review and practice techniques.

o I provide you with tips to further strengthen your healings (for example; suggested books to read, Podcasts, meditations)

If you are ready to begin living a life full of strength and confidence, let me help you with your healing starting today.


Six one-to-one Sessions

In depth healing sessions which are personalised and tailored to meet you where you are at and optimise your healing journey so that you grow in inner-strength and confidence

Six Written Reports

Your written up personal reports with techniques and tips for you to refer to as we progress, to support and strengthen your healing journey


I care about you and send you bonus meditation tracks between our sessions. You will also receive your Personalised Survival Kit with tools for you to use daily

One-to-One Pathway to Healing Wholeness

Discover just how effective healing techniques are in creating transformational shifts.



After making the payment you will receive an email with joining instructions and how to book your first session with me.

The sessions take place via video call (Zoom) so that we can see each other as this is the most effective way.

In order for the sessions to work optimally, you will need to find a comfortable place where you will not be disturbed. Make sure you have good internet connection as well. 
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