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Release Stress and Blocked Energy

Stress and trauma can really affect our reproductive system; our amazing womb. Stress built up over the longterm and everyday stress all add to the burden we carry within. If we’re able to release this pressure, strain, old trauma, stress from our bodies, and our wombs specifically, we massively step into self-confidence, clarity and a sense of our true purpose.

That is what womb healing is for; to release stress from your womb, mind and spirit. Putting you in a better place to emotionally and physically.

Why We Need to Release Stress to Optimally Be in Our Feminine Flow

Stress really isn’t good at any time; raised stress triggers your body to produce the stress hormone cortisol which has been scientifically proven to negatively impact our reproductive system. That’s because the cortisol interferes with messages between the brain and your reproductive system. Your reproductive system can shut itself down, putting hormones completely out of balance.

Sometimes stress shows up physically with really bad periods, reproductive problems such as PCOs and ovarian cysts. This is your womb crying out for the love and attention and connection she needs to have with you. 

If we’re able to release this pressure, strain, old trauma, stress from our bodies, and our wombs specifically, we massively step into our natural flow. We enjoy being our true feminine self. That is what womb healing is for. Positivity, wholeness, clarity, life purpose, self love and so many more beautiful aspects of life!

What is Womb Healing?

Womb healing is a technique to release stress from your womb, mind and spirit which means that it puts you in a better place physically and emotionally: the stress that stops you from loving yourself is gone, meaning your pathway is clearer and you’re feeling positive and confident with yourself and in yourself.

What are the benefits of Womb Healing?

  • Rebalancing your menstrual cycle – bringing it back in synchronisation with natural cycles of the moon
  • Deep healing of reproductive issues due to blockages, releasing these and clearing your pathway to conceiving naturally
  • Releasing and healing trauma experienced from pregnancy loss, birth, neglect, narcissism, abuse
  • Resolving pent up energy from relationship issues, break ups, heartbreak and betrayal, repetitive patterns in unsuccessful relationships
  • Healing old wounds from the relationship with the mother or inherited from the mother

Beneath all of our struggles lies a force that absolutely loves life; to explore, create, to love, to experience all that we can as human beings

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What Is the WOMMB Tribe?

Self-Study Online Sessions

Learn self womb healing in-depth with my explanatory guides, taking you through Preparation, Practice, Resolving, Reflecting and short techniques for daily implementation to keep your womb space continually cleared

Access to the course is ongoing, following the initial joining fee you will have lifetime access

One Womb Healing Session

Upon joining, I invite you to a personalised in-depth one to one womb healing session with me. We work together to release blockages buried at a deep, subconscious level. I channel and receive visions and messages about what is behind your blockages, allowing you to make deep shifts as you release these

Community Like-Minded Women

The power of finding your tribe, of belonging, of women coming together creates support and confidence that helps you to feel safe and to know that you can continue to grow what you have already started on your healing journey

You will have access to exclusive content to help you maintain the momentum after your initial womb healing

New Moon Womb Cleanse Group Healing

Each month we hold the space together, to let go of the previous cycle and step with refreshed energy into the new cycle.

I guide you through an in-depth, group womb healing, channeling the energies into your womb space and the divine shared space of the group

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How to join the WOMMB Tribe

Discover just how effective womb healing techniques are in creating transformational shifts, allowing you to release blockages caused by stress and allow your true feminine energy to flow


After making the initial joining payment, (every further month is just 20€uros) you will receive an email with step by step joining instructions for the group and online course

The womb healing and group online sessions take place via video call (Zoom) so that we can see each other and connect as this is the most effective way.

In order for womb healing to work optimally, you will need to find a comfortable place where you will not be disturbed. Make sure you have good internet connection. I will send you a detailed email with how to prepare yourself once you have booked your 1:1 session. 

The wonderful magic of energy healings is that they can take place using the distance healing technique. A womb healing takes place on the human energy field which can be connected to via soul level. My clients are worldwide and the benefits are equally as powerful as healings that take place in person. Read the testimonials to find out more about my sessions.

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