Healing After Miscarriage Self-Guided Course

Are you feeling angry and lost at the unfairness of your miscarriage? Like no one else understands? That’s because no one else does. 

Are you looking for healing techniques that will process your grief, regain your confidence and feel like your old self again?

That’s why I came up with the only 4 steps you need to take when going through a miscarriage that will help heal your heart and show you how to get back to “normal,” whatever that is for you.

Each step is designed to take you deeper into healing, moving you from survival to thriving after miscarriage, while showing you how to get back to “normal”. I know this because I’ve been there and done it.

Is this course for me?

Has the pain and unfairness of your miscarriage made you feel angry and lost? Are you experiencing feelings of low self-worth and overcome with emotions? 

 Are you tired of people telling you to “just let it go”? Are you so confused about what happened and why?

Do you feel lost, alone and afraid? Do you wish there was an easier way through this pain?

If so … then the 4 key essentials of miscarriage healing might be for you.

Like most people you don’t want to experience anything like this ever again and just wish it would all be over.

If that sounds like you then you’ve come to the right place!

I’m going to take you through an eye-opening journey of discovery – teaching you how to move forward through the different stages of your healing journey. 


Healing After Miscarriage Course


This self-paced course covers unique healing techniques, created to guide you to move forward through the different stages of your healing journey. The great thing is that it is self-paced so that you can do it in your own time.
Imagine how much more confident you will feel when you release the heavy burden of anger and sadness you have been carrying around with you. Feeling a new sense of confidence, knowing that potential trigger situations won’t leave you feeling like you want to run away and hide from the world.
This course covers the following:
  • Healing techniques and support to help you to recognise and understanding your feelings around your loss. Guiding you to release them and allow them to be healed
  • Guidance for restoring inner-strength so that you feel confident that you can make it through that next trigger situation or intense meeting at work – A powerful tool to help you be in the driving seat of your own life. You can choose how you respond to situations – do you want to stay down or get up and move on with LIFE! (yes, life happens even after something like this!)
  • Understanding how to release any feelings of negativity towards yourself and others so that you grow your self-esteem and feel ready to be included again. Feelings of guilt can cripple your healing. You may have been told on many occasions that it wasn’t your fault, you had no control over his actions but yet these feelings still remain until you heal and release them. 
  • Connecting with the soul of your angel baby so that you can say a proper farewell and send love. Allowing you to feel at peace and understanding that the loving bond you have will always be there
  • Honouring your angel baby in the physical world so that your baby has a place in your life because going through loss is life-changing. Having a place for your baby is recognising their importance in your life which brings healing, peace and order in your family constellation
  • Learning methods for immediate confidence and inner-strength so that you can handle moments of overwhelm
  • Guidance with techniques to support you to keep on moving forward positively on your healing journey so that you continue to live each day with direction and feelings of self-worth
Place your hand on your heart and breathe into yourself, breath deep and connect with your inner-self. 
How is your inner-self feeling? Is she ready to start healing?
Follow the step below to start your journey:


Part One

Recognising and Releasing Feelings of Negativity

Part Two

Soul Guidance for Connecting With Your Baby

Part Three

Saying Farewell and Honouring Your Baby

Part Four

Moving Forward with inner-strength and confidence


This self-paced course guides you with unique healing techniques to move past the sadness of loss and begin moving forwards. You will find your inner strength, courage and wisdom in these pages as I guide you with healing techniques, teaching you how to release negativity, understand how to cope with trigger situations, alongside guidance for moving from the dark into the light of a healthy future.



You will be granted lifetime access to the course. I understand that healing needs to take place at your own pace so I have designed the course so that you can take it in your own time.
After making the payment you will receive an email with your secure login and joining instructions. You will be able to start immediately.
It is a self-paced video course that you can access from any device. There is a supporting course workbook for you to print out and use to support with your healing process.
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