About me

My Mission

Based on my personal experiences, I have made it my mission to help and serve other women on their journey to motherhood

  • On the subject of bodily changes. To help other mothers to be aware of and understand their bodily changes. Supporting others with good advice, tips and ideas.
  • Providing a secure online space for mother’s to talk openly and share.
  • Support and healing for women who have miscarried through one to one healing session, automated self-paced courses, a free online space and much more.
  • Energetic healing for both women and men to guide them in finding their inner-strength, purpose and fulfilment in life.

Hi, I’m Vicki, a mother of two boys and five angels. I’m British. Married to a German and living in southern Germany for now.

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From personal experience, I believe that women need to be more in focus during their fertility, pregnancy and postpartum journeys

  • The focus of most birth preparation (ante-natal) courses is mainly on how to deal with your newborn with little said about coping with bodily symptoms and baby blues.
  • In the case of miscarriage, women are expected to simply carry on with little time for processing their grief, which I believe is absolutely essential to help women to feel whole again.
But what about Mama?

This website is all about women and what happens to our bodies, our emotions and feelings during and after pregnancy and miscarriage.

Based on my personal experiences I made it my mission to help others. I kept a journal of my experiences, conducted research and learnt how to put it all together online to make it easily available for other women.

The intention of Oh My Mama Body is to create a space where women can freely research and find the answers they are looking for. A space of healing and empathy. As a qualified healer, I understand women (and men) at a deep level and guide them with techniques to feeling whole, energised and confident in life.